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    NETDOKTOR.AT - the largest health portal in Austria

    'As a provider of independent and evidence-based health information, the NETDOKTOR brand has enjoyed unwavering trust from its users in Austria for many years. With the relaunch at the beginning of August 2021, we made our consistently user-centred health portal NETDOKTOR.AT even more comprehensible and accessible for our users and have thus grown to become the market leader in a short amount of time.' (Jens Richter, Editor-in-Chief and Chief Operating Officer)

    Andreas Höckner

    Senior Client Services Manager

    c/o MyHive Offices

    Ungargasse 37


    Udo Radzio

    Head of Client Services Health

    Arabellastraße 23



  • Planning with the market leader: NETDOKTOR.AT reaches 94.40% of people in Austria who use health platforms to find out about medical content and perform Google searches using terms involving specific areas of specialisation
  • Advertising without ad waste: NETDOKTOR.AT reaches every relevant user without ad waste. By taking a user-centred approach and due to its SEO-optimised thematic orientation, NETDOKTOR.AT consistently delivers the best content matches for what users are searching for
  • Credibility of the NETDOKTOR brand: The NETDOKTOR.AT editorial team employs trained medical professionals who guarantee high-quality content through independent, well-researched medical journalism
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