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    NETDOKTOR.CH - the largest health portal in Switzerland

    'Since its launch in October 2016, NETDOKTOR.CH has been regarded as an independent and reliable provider of digital health information. We used a consistently user-centred interface to make the portal even more comprehensible and accessible for our users and have thus grown to become the widest-reaching health portal in Switzerland  in a short amount of time.' (Jens Richter, Editor-in-Chief and Chief Operating Officer)

    Andreas Höckner

    Senior Client Services Manager

    c/o MyHive Offices

    Ungargasse 37


    Udo Radzio

    Head of Client Services Health

    Arabellastraße 23



  • Advertising without ad waste: NETDOKTOR.CH reaches every relevant user without ad waste. By taking a user-centred approach and due to its SEO-optimised thematic orientation, NETDOKTOR.CH consistently delivers the best content matches for what users are searching for
  • Credibility of the NETDOKTOR brand: The NETDOKTOR.CH editorial team employs trained medical professionals who guarantee high-quality content through independent, well-researched medical journalism. NETDOKTOR.CH achieves 98.24% of the Switzerland's session share by using the right platforms
  • Exceptional quality from NETDOKTOR.CH: The page’s internal navigation program, which rebuilds the page dynamically and in real time according to the user’s clicks, is consistently optimised for each search